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Modern Publications(Since-1975)

The formal education in India starting from the Kindergarten level to the Matriculation standard is considered quite pivotal for building the foundation of any children. And this is the sole objective of our house to carry this responsibility with efficiency and proficiency to offer something that will well adored among the students from the very level of kindergarten years. Inspired with the vision of our founder Mr. Ashok Kumar Sharma, we have been delivering excellence in textbook and other educational materials for easy and effective learning since our inception in the year 1975 .

Our Vision: As a pillar of support for effective and fundamental education in India, we have a broad vision of ‘efficient and deep-intercepting education for all’. With this broader vision we:

• Aim to be the ‘Numero-Uno’ publication house in India with text books and teaching learning materials.

• Aim to bridge the gap of education by proving qualitative and affordable education materials so as to become accessible to all strata of the society irrespective of the socio-economic status

• Aim to popularize education for all children in India with our encouraging teaching and learning materials


We have set ourselves a mission of serving the society by helping and assisting every child in the country to become educated and prepare a strong fundamental foundation for a smarter career option.

What the motivational factors behind our successful existence over last 45 years:

• A wide array of books and educational materials: We at Modern Publications have catered to the entire school education standard by providing textbooks and learning materials from Kindergarten level till the level of Standard-X. With such vivid options adorned with quality teaching and learning material have always marked its presence among the children and parents.

• All our books and text material are written by specific subject experts: We have always focused on quality and thus engaged only specific subject experts to write the teaching materials that would help in building the curricula of the children. With special emphasis on standards of education our books have been helpful in easy and effective learning for the children.

• We precisely follow the NCERT and CBSE norms: As a standard set by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy, we have always followed the guidelines as prescribed by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) and CBSE (Central Board of School Education). Thus our books are at par with any specific textbooks published by these two authorities and are well-merged with the school syllabi.

• Our responsible support: We have strived to provide qualitative books and study materials for children at affordable costs. With a committed team we make it feasible with a commitment for empowering education in India with versatile support materials for effective learning.

• Our commitment: We have always committed to provide very high quality study materials that can be easily adopted by the children and the parents. We have a strong commitment to the nature of study materials and their quality contents.

• Change is our only consant: We always strive to change our approach with the advanced quality of learning and updated materials. We constantly update our outputs as per the needs of the time and have marched shoulder to shoulder with the development of education.

With our commitment and dedication, Quality Books have become synonym for Modern Publications. We will keep this trend alive and will provide better and more improved education materials atleast possible costs for easy and wide acceptance. With our commitment to serve the educational needs of children we will always strive be a step ahead with our competitors by providing best books and educational materials for an effective learning.

With our presence at almost all corners of the country we will keep serving your needs for an effective education! Call us today or contact us through our website to serve you better and faster!